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Providing coaching sessions to neurodiverse individuals who benefit from support in day-to-day executive functioning. Areas of focus may include organization, time-management, following through with tasks, planning and prioritizing. I take an individualized approach based on the clients needs and goals.


Providing coaching sessions to couples in which one or both partners present as neurodiverse (no diagnosis required). This work consists of teaching and practicing strategies that can help couples navigate issues that are unique to a neurodiverse relationship. Topics can include executive functioning, communication, sensory needs, social skills, physical intimacy, and emotional intimacy. As your coach, I will serve as an interpreter for the different perspectives and communication

styles in your relationship.

*Please note, coaching is not a replacement for therapy and does not treat mental health issues.*



Hello! My name is Emily Gray and I am located in the North Shore of Massachusetts. I have been working in special education for the past eight years with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Neurodiverse individuals ages 14-22. My work with these students focuses on executive functioning, social skills, self-regulation, building independence, and preparing for the transition out of high school. Through this work, I have witnessed the level of need individuals in the ASD and Neurodiverse communities can face when entering and navigating relationships. This led to my pursuing my certification in neurodiverse couples coaching. I started providing Executive Function Coaching in June 2022 when the parent's of a former student reached out with concerns about their ability to navigate college without the continued structure and support they received during high school. Taking this student on as a client allowed me to realize how beneficial executive functioning coaching can be in helping neurodiverse individuals have more successful, satisfied lives. 


- Certified Neurodiverse Couples Coach (Asperger/Autism Network, 2022)

- Licensure- Professional License, Teacher of Students with Severe Disabilities, Levels: All

- Master of Science in Education (Simmons College, 2018)

- Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (University of Delaware, 2015)

Sessions are conducted during weekday evenings.

Please contact me for more specific availability.

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